Field guide to the larger mammals of Tanzania

Well after 4 years of writing, our field guide to the mammals of Tanzania has finally been printed and is due in bookshops within the next week or so. The book only covers the larger species – approximately hedgehog size and above, mainly due to a dearth of information about the smaller beasties, but it has full species lists for all the Parks, and a ‘where to look’ box for every animal, so will hopefully prove useful for mammal watchers planning a trip to the country. Many thanks to everyone who donated photos – much appreciated.


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6 Comments on “Field guide to the larger mammals of Tanzania”

  1. Jon Hall Says:

    Congratulations Charles! I can’t wait to see this book and I know it is going to make me desperate to come back to Tanzania! Jon

  2. tomeslice Says:

    How I wish your book came out 15 months ago…
    Should I buy a copy online, or should I have you bring a signed copy to Leh and buy it from you there? 😉
    (Kidding, of course… I’ll buy it online)

  3. phil telfer Says:

    Great news on your book Charles, i’ve been looking out for it a while now.
    I gather from the above comment that you’re going for the snow leopards. Good luck. phil.

  4. tembo10 Says:

    Hi Phil,

    It took somewhat longer to finish the book than expected – about two and a half years longer to be precise – but better late than never. Yes fingers crossed on the Snow leopard.


  5. Richard Webb Says:

    For anyone wanting to see the book if you look for the book on you can pretty much see every page using the Look Inside option. The book is stunning and excellent value for money as well. Looking forward to getting the book itself. A great job Charles.

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