Heteromyid Grand Slam, Southern California, September 2014.

Dear All,

In September 2014, Fiona Reid and I will guide a mammal-watching tour to Southern California. We’ll try to see most of local 21(!) species of Heteromyids (kangaroo-rats and pocket mice), and look for other endemics, as well as near- and non-endemics. We expect to get a substantial portion of the region’s 170+ mammal species. The trip has flexible ending date (you can choose to do 1 or 2 whalewatching trips). The whalewatching trips will be with Monterey Bay Whalewatch, the company that has the highest number of regularly recorded species among the world’s whalewatching operators. We’ll also have a chance to see many interesting birds (including a few Californian endemics and near-endemics, plus condors and lots of cool seabirds), reptiles, rare conifers, other cool flora and fauna, and great scenery. The description of the trip is at Fiona’s website: http://www.fionareid.ca/files/tours/california-heteromyid

The tour is limited to 6 participants (excluding Fiona and me).

Vladimir Dinets

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One Comment on “Heteromyid Grand Slam, Southern California, September 2014.”

  1. I would totally do this if I wasn’t broke right now…hopefully this might be a trip you guys will considering doing in the future.

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