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Ocelot kitten sited in South Texas

March 26, 2014

Young ocelot sited at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in South Texas. Single female boosts population by 10%:

Panoche Valley

March 23, 2014

I went to Panoche Valley (in San Joaquin Valley, California) last night to look for kangaroo rats. I expected them to be rare because of the current drought, but it was just the opposite: in two hours I saw dozens of giant k-rats, a few Heermann’s k-rats, and one possible Fresno k-rat. Most of them were along the gravel road signposted “Panoche Hills BLM lands” that branches to the south off Little Panoche Rd. near Mercey Hot Springs. Kit Fox numbers apparently haven’t responded yet, because I saw only one, near Little Panoche Rd. junction with Panoche Rd. Interestingly, local birders who went there on a full moon night a few weeks ago saw no mammals at all.

If you go there in the next few days, look also for long-eared owls roosting in one of pine trees near the office of Mercey Hot Springs. The numbers are down to 5 from 20+ in February, but they might hang around for another week or two.

Vladimir Dinets

Turkey in June (Med. Monk Seal)?

March 17, 2014

I’m visiting a collaborator in Turkey this June, and I’m going to make an attempt to see a Mediterranean Monk Seal near the beginning of the month. Would anyone be interested in joining me? I’m in contact with someone about arranging a boat trip to the best areas to observe the Seals. I’ll have more details soon.

I’m also planning to travel around S Turkey (Birecik, Aladag, etc) primarily to look for birds but I’ll be searching for mammals as well. See Jon’s trip report:


Scientists involve plan to save many Lemur species

March 17, 2014

A nice article from Mongabay

The lemur end-game: scientists propose ambitious plan to save the world’s most imperiled mammal family



Florida RFI

March 15, 2014

Hi all,  we will be in Florida the first week of May for some business and some pleasure.  We will be in St. Augustine for a couple days to photography birds at the Alligator Farm rookery.  Then will be in the Beverly Hills area towards the West coast and want to hit the Crystal River area to look for Manatee.  Any advice on the best Manatee places around the Crystal River in May?  Also, any other mammal or herp hotspots that would be worth a stop in those areas?

Thanks in advance.



Seeking records of some Genets and a Linsang

March 6, 2014

Hi, Will Duckworth from the IUCN’s small carnivore group got in touch to see what we all know about the following species. I don’t know much was my answer but offered to ask if anyone has seen – or is aware of sightings of – the following species. Apparently they are up for IUCN review quite soon and more information would be useful.

Water Genet /Genetta piscivora/

Three ordinary genets: /Genetta victoriae/, /Genetta abyssinica/ and /Genetta poensis/

One of the oyans (African ‘linsangs’): /Poiana leightoni/


Iceland and a reminder to add your name when you post

March 6, 2014

I spent last weekend in Iceland. Great place though mammals weren’t my focus. But if anyone is interested in going then a few notes are here. There is some great whale watching there.

Also, could I suggest that we try to remember to sign our posts. WordPress unfortunately does not display who is posting what (unless there is an option for this that I don’t know about?).. and I think its probably more conducive to conversation if we sign what we write… that way we know who we are talking to.



Northern Lights