More on beaked whales

I just came across an interesting paper about acoustic detection of beaked whales in NE Pacific:

There are a few species known in California from a small number of sightings; it has been presumed that they are always there, but go undetected. The paper shows that they normally occur farther S, and the strandings in California are likely stray individuals.

Another take-home message is that the waters around Palmyra Atoll are a fantastic place to check out.

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2 Comments on “More on beaked whales”

  1. John Fox Says:

    Linkie not work.

    • Weird… it works if you find it in Google Search and click on it, but not if you try to re-load or enter the link directly. The title is “Spatio-temporal patterns of beaked whale echolocation signals in the North Pacific”.

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