New Trip Reports: South Africa, India (Ladakh & Gujurat) and the Czech Republic

Three new reports.

Dominque Brugiere’s travels continue: he spent the end of last year in South Africa and India

South Africa, 2013: Dominque Brugiere, 5 weeks & many species including Water Mongoose, Natal Red Rock Rabbit, Aardvark, Black-footed Cat, Honey Badger and Brown Hyena.

Ladakh & Gujurat, 2013: Dominque Brugiere, 4 weeks with species including Snow Leopard, Mountain Weasel, Woolly Hare and Urial in Ladakh, and Wild Asses and Striped Hyenas in Gujurat.

And Michal Polanski has sent through the first information for the on the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, 2013: Some notes from Michal Polanski, with information on Roe and Red Deer, Otter, Lynx and Wildcat amongst other species.



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