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Which Hyrex

January 31, 2014

Hi, can anyone tell me which Hyrex I have here. They were all seen last August in Tarangire N.P., Tanzania.




New Trip Reports – Chile and Spain

January 28, 2014

Two new reports on

Andujar, 2013: Simon Feys, 1 week & 14 species including Iberian Lynx, Iberian Hare and an Algerian Mouse.


Chile, 2013: Michel Watelet, 3 weeks & 23 species including Lesser Grison, Sei Whale, Northern Huemel along with Southern River and Marine Otter, Puma etc.


Carnivores in trouble & Bats and Frogs in Panama

January 26, 2014

A couple of articles of interest..

The world’s top carnivores are in big trouble: this is the take-away message from a new review paper published today in Science.


One male frog’s loud, low mating call in search of a love connection has a deadly unintended effect – attracting frog-eating bats, researchers have found.


Great wildlife photography

January 24, 2014

Stunning images taken by some of the world’s greatest nature photographers from the BBC

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New Trip Report: Brazil (Emas and the Pantanal)

January 24, 2014

I just added a great new report from Mark Andrews about his WildWings tour to Brazil in September.

11 days & 38 species including (several!) Pampas Cats, Jaguar, Puma, Jaguarundi, Maned Wolf and Brazilian Porcupine.


Agoutis and Ocelots

January 24, 2014

Quite an interesting study from Panama

Its interesting because it relates to the question – about which, so far as I know there is no consensus – on the best time to spotlight. Full moon or no moon, early or late in the night etc. Presumably similar factors govern that as govern Agoutis. And it all depends on the species, how hungry they are or might become, and when their predators are most likely to be active.

Or maybe not! Wish I knew.


RFI Morocco

January 23, 2014


I will be spending a few days in Morocco in February, overnighting in Agadir, Oukaimeden, Boumalne Dades and (probably) Taroudant.

Does anyone know if there are still Cuvier’s Gazelle near Tafingoult, and if so are they view-able?

I’d like to catch up with Barbary Macaque: again, I’ve heard Ourika Valley is a good place. Any more specific information on these?

Similarly, any advice on Striped Ground Squirrel: I’ve read ‘argan forests east of Taroudant’, but anything more specific?

Are Barbary Sheep or any other big mammals do-able anywhere along the way?

Thanks in advance!