Harp Seals and White-beaked Dolphins, note on Nunavut

Thought I’d start a new thread and V can pick it up for his book if he wants.

I have a pal who lives in Sydney Harbor, Nova Scotia, who says the harbor ices up in late February to early March and the second half of March is a good time to see Harp Seal pups. He says they are pretty reliable and some years there are Hooded Seals, too.

Wild Travel magazine has an online article comparing wildlife watching in western vs eastern Canada, and mentioned White-beaked Dolphin around the northern tip of Newfoundland. St Anthony has a whale watching company:


They say late July to late September the dolphin is pretty common, and that’s the only dolphin they mention. It might be possible to see them from shore, too.

I also want to mention that you can do ice flow tours in March-May from Iqaluit, the gateway city on Baffin Island. They are either day trips or two nights camping, the web site says both. See:



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2 Comments on “Harp Seals and White-beaked Dolphins, note on Nunavut”

  1. vdinets Says:

    Thanks! I am really surprised about Sydney Harbor – it seems to be out of breeding range.

  2. John Fox Says:

    Looks like it is just in range. I’m not sure if whitecoats are reliable, he sent pics of first molt and adults. I’m going next March, I’ll report back.


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