Great Swamp NWR, New Jersey

Has anyone been to Great Swamp NWR? It’s just 20 miles from downtown Manhattan. I’ve heard that it’s a great place for star-nosed mole, river otter, woodland and meadow voles, and jumping mice, but I’m moving to California in a few days and don’t have time to check it out myself.

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2 Comments on “Great Swamp NWR, New Jersey”

  1. Jon Hall Says:

    I haven’t been but was interested in going as its so close. I*’d seen there was an interesting species list there but wasn’t sure how likely it was to see them. Do you have any more information about seeing the moles and voles? I could visit over Christmas. cheers Jon

    • vdinets Says:

      No, all I have is their website and a note from an ex-colleague of mine that he saw star-nosed moles their when he was a kid. I don’t even know what the situation with nighttime access is. I was kind of hoping you’d get interested 🙂

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