New Trip Reports – Tunisia & Panama

A couple of new reports today

First, a great report from Steve Morgan who went to Tunisia and saw a couple of Sand Cats plus plus 18 other species in 10 days, including Fennec Fox, Algerian Hedgehog and Barbary Sheep.

Second, a report from my trip to Panama last weekend which was better than I’d hoped: 32 species over 4 nights including Olingos, Central American Woolly Opossums, Rufous Tree Rat and Spectral Bats.


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5 Comments on “New Trip Reports – Tunisia & Panama”

  1. Nice, especially for a weekend!

    There are usually 1-2 habituated spectral bats in Bat Cave on Utila Island, Honduras. Here’s a photo from 2008:

  2. jasonwoolgar Says:

    I really enjoyed Steve’s report, as I have been planning a trip to Tunisia and some neighbouring countries for a while, to see many of the same animals. Given that a few of these species have been reintroduced in Tunisia. it would be great to ask Steve a few questions, if he does not mind providing an email address?



  3. jasonwoolgar Says:

    Great……thanks Jon.

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