Elephant vs Hippo

This is fun (unless you were the hippo) http://blog.africageographic.com/africa-geographic-blog/wildlife/wildlife-and-nature/elephant-fury-for-this-mother-hippo/.

The comments thread has some suggestion that teh photos aren’t real. I once saw a hippo chased by an Elephant out of – and around – a water hole in Hwange NP so I can believe such behaviour is quite possible. But I don’t know enough about spotting a faked picture to know if the pics might not be legit….

Anyone have any thoughts?


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3 Comments on “Elephant vs Hippo”

  1. tomeslice Says:

    I’ve seen elephants doing this to rhinos and killing them. Not in person but on national geographic. So I believe it, elephants are assholes.

  2. Don Roberson Says:

    This looks entirely legit to me from a photographic perspective. Great shots!

  3. PandaSmith Says:

    I’ve seen elephants do some pretty nasty stuff out there. They are rude bullies sometimes. And the images look totally real to me – no reason at all from my perspective to doubt them…

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