New Trip Report – Australia and Singapore

I’ve just uploaded a great new report from Australia and Singapore.

Andrew and Ben Balmford spent 2 months in Australia and saw 98 species!


In Qld – Northern Bettong, both Tree Kangaroos, Prehensile Tailed Rat and Black-footed Tree Rat.

In Tas – Tiger Quoll and Tasmanian Devil.

In WA – Western Quoll, Ningbing Pseudantechinus, Ghost Bat, Kimberley Cave Bat and Kimberley Rock Rat.

and they picked up a further 10 species during 2 days in Singapore including Colugos and Red-cheeked Flying Squirrels.


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6 Comments on “New Trip Report – Australia and Singapore”

  1. Holy Cow! What an epic trip! OK! Now I know what we’re doing the summer of 2015… Done!

  2. Is there a link to some pictures from this trip by chance?

  3. mattinidaho Says:

    Great trip report. Thanks for sharing. I visited Cassowary House last year and had a bit of a different experience. Phil Gregory was not there which I understand from others can make a big difference.

    When I booked, I was asked to book a 2nd night. I was tacking a few days in Queensland after a work trip and simply didn’t have time. I received a rather harsh reply to this but at least I was booked. However, when we arrived we were continually mis-directed on mammals and cassowaries. For instance, we received specific instructions not to show up for breakfast until 8 am because “nothing shows up until then.” Then when we showed up the co-owner gleefully told us we had missed the musky rat kangaroos.

    We did not see a single mammal or cassowary, and we were continually pointed in the wrong direction to see things. A number of folks know me on here and know I am very low key, easy going and easy to please. I know you don’t always see your target species, believe me. But that wasn’t the case here–we were deliberately pointed in the wrong direction or not told info simply because we didn’t spend 2 nights.

    I understand it is quite a different experience if Phil is around. I also talked to others on my trip who had very similar experiences at Cassowary House. Just keep that in mind if you’re thinking of booking there…

    • maurice tijm Says:

      Great to see another massive report on Australia! Excellent trip, great animals. Good to see there is now an update the dramatic changes in Dryanda and Perup in Western Aust. on mammalwatching, I am still struggling to finish a report of a trip in 2011.

      I know I haven’t been all over the world but I rate Australia in the top 5 mammalwatching destinations: unique marsupials, night driving allowed, empty and with great weather.

  4. maurice tijm Says:

    I remember myself a number of years ago reading Jon’s “Focus on Australia” pages on this site over and over again because there was nothing else to see yet on the website.

  5. Jon Hall Says:

    Thanks Maurice 🙂 it was indeed Australia that really inspired me to get interested in all the smaller mammals and to start this site. I pieced together a lot of information that wasn’t written down anywhere and wanted to share it. I definitely agree its one of the great destinations… I just wish I could have seen it 100 years ago before Foxes and Cats (and people) had done so much damage.


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