Weasel Wednesday & Civet Coffee

An amazing encounter with a Least Weasel family in Calgary is documented here, with thanks to John Fox and Cheryl Antonucci for sending this through. Has anyone else ever seen (or heard of) anything like this?

And here is an interesting article about ridculous Civet Coffee that helps remind me why humanity is doomed!


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3 Comments on “Weasel Wednesday & Civet Coffee”

  1. tomeslice Says:

    Holy crap, that’s so fucking cute!!!
    (the weasel story not the civet coffee) I didn’t realize Least Weasels were actually THIS tiny!! What an incredible encounter.

    It makes me wonder what weasel species I saw while floating on the Hoozah River in Missouri about 9 summers ago, before it turned into a huge party river and before I was into all this mammal identification business.. (I was always a closet mammal watcher, I just didn’t know specific species until maybe 7-8 years ago)
    Maybe a mink or another long-tailed weasel..

  2. Alan Says:

    Great weasel photos. Thanks for sharing that Jon.

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