What Gundi is This?

What Gundi is This?

So – any ideas? This was spotted in the Tunisian Atlas Mountains this past summer. The locals had never seen them before and we were a bit higher in elevation for the normal Common Gundi….We are thinking it is a completely different species…. Here is a link to some more images: http://www.pbase.com/cokesmith/mammals_of_tunisia

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2 Comments on “What Gundi is This?”

  1. Jon Hall Says:

    I have no idea. It could be a Val’s Gundi I suppose but – according to my books – they look like Common Gundi just smaller. This looks really quite different. Did you just see the one animal? I will send it on to a French friend who knows the region and may have some ideas. jon

  2. PandaSmith Says:

    That would be great Jon. Tarek had no idea whatsoever, and our local Berber guide there had never seen anything like it either…And he was born there. Would love to hear what others think. I am not thrilled with calling it Val’s either….The distribution maps alone put it further south….

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