New Trip Reports: Brazil

giant armadillo

A report of my recent trip to Brazil – the Atlantic Rainforest and Southern Pantanal is here. I saw about 40 species in 2.5 weeks including several of the rarer primates including Yellow-breasted Capuchin and Southern Muriqui, a Jaguarundi, and two Giant Armadillos (one my top 5 mammals of all time).

And a report from Igor Sarkassian (who I met in the Pantanal) with his account of an Amazon boat trip and the Southern Pantanal. Species include Jaguar and Giant Armadillo (the same one I saw).


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2 Comments on “New Trip Reports: Brazil”

  1. Absolutely outstanding report Jon! Saving my baht right now!!!!!

  2. Alan Says:

    Agreed! Awesome report Jon. I have my sights on a stay at Baia das Pedras now.

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