Uganda Rodent Identification





Can anyone help with the identification of these rodents from Uganda?

The first is at Queen Elizabeth, the second at Murchison Falls and the third at Kibale.

Many thanks in advance as always.


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3 Comments on “Uganda Rodent Identification”

  1. Bob Berghaier Says:

    Hello Jason,

    Since no one else has “steped up to the plate” so to speak I’ll take a swing at this. Id’s based on Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals. Not sure what species

    First pic – Multimammate rat Genus Mastomys (Stuarts Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa) has these as Vlei rats Genus Otomys

    Middle pic – Tatera (Naked soled) gerbil Genus – Tatera, not sure what species

    Last pic – African wood mouse Genus – Hylomycus, not sure what species

  2. jasonwoolgar Says:

    Thanks Bob, appreciate your help. Is fairly quiet on the mammal front at the moment, I think that everyone must be away searching!

  3. vdinets Says:

    My books are all packed up for moving at the moment, but my records show that in 2005 I ‘ve identified the gerbils at Murchison as T. emini, and the wood mice at Kibale as H. aeta.

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