New Trip Report – Scotland

Another report from Cheryl Antonucci who is adding trip reports more quickly than anyone at the moment and has just admitted to herself that she is really a bona fide mammalwatcher. Yay!

Scotland, 2013: Cheryl Antonucci, 1 week & 11 species including Pine Marten and European Beaver.


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2 Comments on “New Trip Report – Scotland”

  1. vdinets Says:

    And I just wrote in my trip report that my place for pine marten was the best in the world 😦

    BTW, there’s been a paper in an obscure Russian journal claiming that changing the genus name for red-backed voles from Clethrionomys to Myodes was a mistake. I don’t know what the ICZN will decide (assuming anybody notices the paper outside Russia).

  2. charleswhood Says:

    Speaking as the American twitcher possibly alluded to inside the report, that account was not quite right. In 2010 I had just one night to spare — what can I say? I was teaching in London, and only had one night that I could be away between duties — and I did indeed go to the specified lodge for pine marten. I did not open the door or do anything foolish: it just was one of those nights…you stay up all night and you dip out. I did though have hedgehog. It’s lovely countryside, so it’s on the “some day to go back to” list.

    — Charles Hood, Palmdale, California

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