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Idaho and Yellowstone Report

June 30, 2013

We just got back from our 8th trip to Yellowstone which included starting in Northern Idaho and driving down through Montana.  We were surprised at how much wildlife we saw in Idaho and had a great time in Yellowstone.  We ended up seeing 23 mammal species including Columbian Ground Squirrel, Red fox kits, Yellow-pine Chipmunk, Gray Wolf, Pika (although not without a lot of looking), Beaver, Otter, and more.

We missed seeing Badger and Pine Marten although others we spoke with saw both (especially Badger) while we were there. Otherwise, we saw all other relatively common mammals except for Uinta Chipmunk.

Here is a link to the day by day report:

Snuffy the Seal

June 30, 2013

I just saw this advert which has been the cause of some controversy. I love it though can see why the parents of traumatised toddlers might feel differently.


New Trip Report – Snow Leopard

June 28, 2013

Ladakh, 2012: Jan Kelchterman’s account of seeing a Snow Leopard.


New Trip Report – Indian Big Cats

June 28, 2013

Indian Big Cats, 2013: Judith Hoyle, 1 month and plenty of wildlife including Snow Leopards, Asiatic Lions and a Tiger.


Saving the Tenkile: an expedition to protect one of the most endangered animals you’ve never heard of

June 27, 2013

Nice article on the Tenkile (a New Guinean Tree Kangaroo) and an Australian friend’s work to protect them

Read more here


New Trip Reports: Estonia; Southern Italy; Java & Sumatra

June 26, 2013

Three new reports on

Java & Sumatra, 2013: Richard Webb, 2 weeks & 38 species including all the Javan specialty primates and Javan Small-toothed Palm Civet, plus – on Sumatra – Banded Palm Civet, Flat-headed and Marbled Cats.

Estonia, 2013: John Wright, 1 week & 11 species including Eurasian Flying Squirrel and Raccoon Dogs.

Southern Italy, 2013: Vladimir Dinets, 2 weeks & 44 species (plus notes of signtings in 1993) including Wild Cats, Pine Martens and several Shrew and Dormice species.


Help Sangha Lodge Reopen

June 25, 2013

Many of you will have heard about the elephant massacre in Dzanga Sangha National Park recently following the political unrest in the Central African Republic. The wonderful Sangha Lodge wants to reopen but the owners need help to pick up the pieces and rebuild their business and their lives there.

Can you help this wonderful place that is doing so much for the local community and ecosystem?

For more information on the park and lodge click here.