Pacific Northwest Badgers

Hi Everyone,  I’m from western Washington State and have been trying to find an American Badger for a very long time but to no avail.   Since I have to trek to the desert to find them I’m always limited to one or two night visits to their habitat.  Does anyone have any pointers of where a very active badger area/natal den might be found in the Washington/Oregon/British Columbia region?

Joe Dlugo

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One Comment on “Pacific Northwest Badgers”

  1. Jon Hall Says:

    Hi Joe

    I can’t swear to how reliable it is but I saw a Badger in among the Washington Ground Squirrels at Moses Lake in Washington State.

    Given I saw it at 11am (it popped out of its burrow when I was squeaking in a Squirrel) then I suspect they ought to be easy to find at night there. Snake River near Boise is also a very good place for them (see cheers


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