A few things cetacean

1. Apparently, a breeding area of pygmy right whales has been located: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.2989/1814232X.2013.769903#.UZRqEsqNDbQ

2. There is a nice listserve called Marmam where interesting topics like the one above come up sometimes: https://lists.uvic.ca/pipermail/marmam/

3. I might be able to organize a July pelagic trip to the dropoff area south of Mississippi Delta. The price would be around $100-150. The area is not Beagle Channel and there might be nothing to see at all, but over the years people have recorded some really cool stuff including all species of sperm whales, huge herds of short-finned pilot whales, all spp. of Stenella, Bryde’s whales, beaked whales, etc. Would anybody be interested?

Vladimir Dinets

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7 Comments on “A few things cetacean”

  1. John Fox Says:

    I would make an effort to do that trip, Vladimir. Thanks for the link to the listserve, very interesting.

  2. vdinets Says:

    Update: the cost will more likely be $175-200 😦
    I might be able to guide a quick search for land mammals, too, but frankly there’s not much to reliably see around here, just widespread spp. like swamp rabbit and fox squirrel.

  3. I would be interested if I was going to be in New Zealand all of July

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