More Rodent ID help required, SE Arizona

All the following rodents were trapped in desert scrub near Rodeo just over the Arizona border.

The first two mice were found in the same trap!


The smaller grey individual had a body length of approximately 5.5cm and a tail of similar length.


It’s mate (below) had a body length of 8cm and a tail 7cm long. More photos of both are available.


The final unidentified mouse (below) had a body length of 9cm and a tail of 8cm. 


Just for interest sake I was pretty successful trapping in the desert. Mammals I did manage to identify included Merriam’s Kangaroo Rat, Chihuahuan Pocket Mouse, Tawny-bellied Cotton Rat and several handsome Western White-throated Woodrats


The latter were happy to take the bait but didn’t appreciate the free accommodation.


Thanks again for any help.

kInd regards


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5 Comments on “More Rodent ID help required, SE Arizona”

  1. Mike,

    they look like deermice, but there are several species they could be in that area


  2. vdinets Says:

    Looks like adult and juvenile Peromyscus maniculatus to me. They are the most common rodents in the area, and usually make up more than 50% of captures. White-footed mouse is rare there and looks a bit different, and all other local Peromyscus have longer tails.

  3. Many thanks guys. They certainly seem to fit P. maniculatus.

  4. Fiona Reid Says:

    I agree with Vladimir. Desert form of Peromyscus maniculatus, American Deer Mouse. The tail is too short for any other deer mouse in the area and P. leucopus is unlikely there. Fiona Reid

  5. Many thanks Fiona.

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