New Trip Report – the Bahamas

Bahamas, 2013: Vladimir Dinets – some notes on the bats, cetaceans – including Blainville’s Beaked Whale- and hutias.


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4 Comments on “New Trip Report – the Bahamas”

  1. Curtis Hart Says:

    I plan on cruising the Bahamas next January. Is landing on East Plana Cay forbidden? Do you know the depth surrounding the island or how close you are allowed to go?



  2. Curtis: try contacting Bahamas National Trust,
    I don’t know what the current access situation is. The sea around the island is shallow, but with a small boat landing shouldn’t be a problem, I think.

    • Curtis Hart Says:

      I just assumed it was forbidden because you didn’t land there. I checked flickr and found a few pictures of people camped there. It is one of the places I hope to go, so I’ll check into it when the time comes. Thanks for this write up on the Bahamas, I plan to put it o use.

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