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New Conservation Blog

January 31, 2013

Fellow mammal watchers,

I just thought I’d share a new blog I’m running for The Nature Conservancy, Cool Green Science.It is devoted to the latest conservation research, as well as natural history notes and observations from around the world.

There aren’t any mammal posts yet, but I will be featuring some soon including bison research, a scientist’s bicycle journey across the Tibetan Plateau (including some great mammal encounters) and more. Check it out, comment and share.

Matt Miller

Japanese Weasel

January 30, 2013

Some nice photos of a species I know nothing about


RFI – Peninsular Malaysia

January 29, 2013


A bit unexpectedly we will have time in March to visit Peninsular Malaysia for
some 3 weeks to do some bird- and mammalwatching.
The following mammals I hope/expect are somewhat
doable: slow loris, western tarsier, colugo, tapir (Kumbang), a flying squirrel species and the occasional
civet, palm civet, mongoose, or binturong. Poachers seem to have exclusive
viewing rights to exciting macromammals/larger cats, but any tips would be most

Taman Negara, Panti Forest, Bukit Fraser, Kuala Selangor and Cameron Highlands
are well covered by trip reports and I will visit several of these places, but I
would also be interested in trying less visited areas (either guided or
unguided).If anyone could provide practical and/or birding/mammal information on
the following areas that would be great:

Krau Reserve – it looks like this is open to researchers only?? Can tourists
visit this area and if yes, what are the options?

Endau Rompin – is 4WD always necessary to access it. Is there a good trail
network? Are night drives/walks possible/allowed? Are there local guides and are
they any good?

Royal Belum/Tememgor Reserve – the lodges in the area here seem a bit too
focused on the eco/adventure tourist. Are there any places here that cater for
the hobby naturalist and offer (or allow) night drives/walks or boat trips at

Ula Muda Reserve (Earth Lodge) – from the little I could find, this appears to
be a very interesting place (much more than Temenggor/Belum). Has anyone been

Taman Negara

The main entrance at Kuala Tahan is well covered in reports, but what about the others.

The Merapoh entrance seems a bit limited in what you can do. How many trails are
there? Is spotlighting along the entrance road worth a try (I was told that spotlighting in the park is not allowed). Does this area have
interesting species that are difficult to find in Kuala Tahan?

North Entrance: Kuala Koh: this area supposedly has a hide with a salt lick and a canopy walkway. Anyone been here??

If I have overlooked any other forest reserves/parks with good
mammal/birdwatching, I would be happy to know.



New Trip Reports: Sulawesi and Java

January 26, 2013

Coke Smith has finished the reports for his family’s Christmas trip to Java and Sulawesi (where I met up with them). The highlight has got to be the glimpse of a Javan Rhino! But they saw a lot of other cool stuff.




Very remote, high altitude haven proving a saviour for wild yak

January 25, 2013

Interest article on a Yak haven in Tibet


Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey

January 23, 2013

My friend Tien, who guided me in northern Vietnam in 2011, sent me this photo of a Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey he just saw in Ha Giang province, 7 hours north of Hanoi. Sweet.

When can I go?!

Photo Bui Duc tien

New Trip Report – Brazil

January 18, 2013

A great new report from Stefan Lithner, 12 days & 26 species including White-lipped Peccary, 6 and 7 Banded Armadillos, Jaguar and Silky Anteater.

I am pretty sure this is the first time I have heard of anyone seeing a Silky Anteater outside of Manuel Antonio Park in Costa Rica