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RFI for Greece and Italy

October 27, 2012

Colleagues!  We are traveling to Italy and Greece this summer and I want to squeeze in some mammal time while viewing all the old buildings…;-)  We really want to focus on the bovids – Mouflon, Chamois, Ibex, etc.  But I would really like a shot at the Mediterranean Monk Seal as well.  Anyone have any ideas on the best places to see some of these critters?  We’re in Italy and Greece but I am not opposed to dipping in to France, Switzerland or even swinging over to Spain for a good shot…  Cheers!

New Trip Report – South America

October 26, 2012

A great and comprehensive report for a long and productive trip.

South America, 2011 (Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia & Chile): Janco Van Gelderen, 3 months & 54 species including Giant Armadillo, Geoffroy’s Cat, Mountain Vizcacha and other goodies.


New Trip Reports: Swift Foxes in New Mexico and The Rockies

October 26, 2012

Two more USA trip reports

The Rockies, 2012: Jan Luis Ortega, 2 weeks & 25 species including Wolves, Grizzlies and a Badger.

Swift Foxes of the Kiowa Grasslands, 2012: Steve Morgan, 4 days & 13 species including Swift Foxes.

New Trip Reports: Tibet, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos

October 26, 2012

I’ve just added three interesting new reports to

Tibet, 2012: Coke Smith, 1 week & 18 species including Kiang, White-lipped Deer, Blue Sheep and Wild Yak. Brilliant trip!

Southern Thailand & Laos, 2012: Hugh Buck, 2 days in Laos and 3 Laotian Leaf Monkeys.

Myanmar, 2012: Hugh Buck, 12 days & 14 species.


Question to Neotropical Mammal watchers about Tayra and Margay

October 11, 2012

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering – what’s the best place in Latin america to see these two species? I know neither one is usually a guarantee, and margays are especially uncommon in general. But from reports and experience it looks like almost every species has a hot spot.. If Jon Hall was able to find an Andean Tapir and Spectacled Bears on 2 consecutive days, I believe everything is possible 😉

Thanks in advance for the feedback!


New Trip Reports: Yellowstone NP and South Africa

October 3, 2012

Two new reports on both under the “other trip reports” section of the pages that follow.

South Africa 2012: Bob Berghaier, 1 week and the mammals included Caracal, Honey Badger and Brown Hyenas.

I dunno what’s going on with Honey Badgers but there have been a few sightings recently from different places of an animal that was rarely reported. Just a coincidence?

Yellowstone, 2012: Mathew Steer & Maureen Hadert, 2 weeks & 27 species including American Marten, Mountain Goats, Wolves and Grizzlies.

I’m going to Nepal and India tomorrow to work and also look for Red Pandas. Back on 20 October.


More Bat Cave Stories

October 2, 2012

I spent last week in Tennessee & Kentucky learning about white-nose syndrome and an artificial bat cave designed to stop its spread. Here are some more blogs I wrote about it:

Bad Days in Bat Caves: Finding and verifying white-nose syndrome

Building the “Cave of Dreams”: How the artificial cave works

Of Bats & Men: Our complicated relationship with bats

Cave Man Cory Holliday: A profile of the man behind the cave

Hope this is useful information, and I’d appreciate any feedback.

Matt Miller