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New Trip Report: Dzanga Sangha National Park

November 26, 2011

Hello from Zanzibar where I have just seen Ader’s Duiker.  Here’s a report from a stellar trip to Dzanga Sangha earlier this month.  Over 30 species including Lowland Gorilla, Long-snouted Mongoose, Congo Clawless Otter, Congo Golden Mole and Beecroft’s Anomalure.

Thank you Rod Cassidy!

I was in Kenya for the past week and saw a lot of nice stuff too including Giant Forest Hogs, Wild Dogs and Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew.  Hope to upload a trip report in a week or so.



BCI Bat Workshops 2012

November 21, 2011

BCI has posted their schedule for next year at

There are trip reports from previous workshops at

AZ has the most diversity by far. Most bats found in CA are also found in AZ. PA has some unique to that region.

If you do the workshop you will be a certified bat wrangler and can participate in other bat surveys. I was even offered a job for a few weeks in August.


Mammals of the world checklist

November 17, 2011

There is an online checklist available for personal use at

It is a comma delimited list, Excel had no problem with it on my machine. Includes subspecies and lots of information. Just looking through a few marsupials I was a little surprised to see several species that are known only from the type locality.

New Trip Report – Arizona

November 1, 2011

A great new report from Steve Morgan linked the end of this page – 2 weeks & 27 species including Black-footed Ferret, Ringtail and Western Spotted Skunk.