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New Trip Report – Yunnan Primates

February 17, 2011

Coke Smith and his family have just got back from Yunnan and managed to see a lot more than I thought possible including Black-crested Gibbons, Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkeys and Phayre’s Langurs among others. Looks like a beautiful area too.


RFI – mid Italy mammals

February 16, 2011

Vladimir Dinets asked me to post this on his behalf ….Jon

Dear All,
I’ll be in Italy for three weeks in May, in the area between Rome and
Venice. I’d really like to see Pyrenean Chamois, but Abruzzo NP seems
a bit out of the way. There are supposedly some in PN Gran Sasso,
which is closer to Rome. Does anybody know if there are reliable spots
for the chamois in mid-May in Gran Sasso? What about Abruzzo?
Any other useful tips (for bats, dormice, martens, porcupines, voles
etc.) would also be appreciated.
Thank you,

New Trip Report – Torres Del Paine

February 13, 2011

I just added a new report to from Greg Easton who was in Torres del Paine last week and managed to find enough fuel to see a Puma! Some nice photos too .. it is is linked to the bottom of


Ocelot seen in Arizona

February 11, 2011

This is making the rounds. Pretty exciting, IMO.

An AZG&F guy said that two Jaguars have been documented in southern AZ in the last year or so, one by photos and one killed on the road.


New Trip Report – India

February 8, 2011

I just added a new report from Bob Berghaier, who during 2 weeks in India saw 33 species including 9 Tigers in 3 reserves as well as Hoolock Gibons, Capped Langurs and a White-tailed Wood Rat.


New Trip Report Tanzania and Zanzibar

February 7, 2011

Phil Telfer had a good 11 days in Tanzania last month. He racked up 50 species including some unusual ones like Rufous and Black Elephant Shrews, White-breasted Hedgehog and a Yellow-winged Bat

Read more here

Mating Jaguars in Pantanal

February 5, 2011

On a trip to Brazil’s Pantanal in Sept 2010 I was most fortunate to see Jaguars mating in the Cuiaba River area out of Porto Jofre.  For 40 minutes I was able to watch a pair of Jaguars mate five times, right out in the open, on a sandbank of a river.  Unfortunately had some camera problems.  But still managed to get some photos of the Jaguars mating.  Also saw three other Jaguars on the trip as well as a young male Puma at a distance of only 10m !  Phil Perry, Swaziland :

Mating Jaguars

Jaguars snarling at each other moments after mating

Jaguars mating at night on river sandbank

Male Jaguar drinking after mating

Female Jaguar on riverbank

Male Puma at night, brought to within 10m using call of female puma in heat