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Sri Lanka Trip Report – Rusty Spotted and Fishing Cats

January 12, 2008

Richard Webb’s trip report for 10 days in Sri Lanka last month is now on and linked to here  (see bottom of page)

He saw some nice stuff including both Rusty-spotted and Fishing Cats, Slender Loris and a Travancore Flying Squirrel, none of which I saw when I went there a few years ago


Some Long-tailed Weasels

January 12, 2008

I took these photos in July of 2007 in Glacier National Park. There were a least 11 weasels playing around this den. Occasionally one of the adults would return to the den with food.

I’m not sure what species of vole that is.

Not One but Six Giraffe Species Geneticists Say (maybe)…

January 10, 2008

This is quite interesting though I think the jury is still be firmly out on whether there are in fact more than one species of Giraffe

New Ethiopia Trip Report from Steve Anyon-Smith

January 8, 2008

Steve Anyon-Smith was in Ethiopia in November for 5 weeks. He saw a stack of mammals including a Caracal, Striped Hyena and African Wildcat. And I thought the report is even funnier than his usual (very funny) reports.

Check out

I’m returning to Ethiopia in a couple of weeks and will head to the Simien Mountains for the weekend to try to catch up with the Walia Ibex. If anyone knows anything about other mammals in that area please let me know


Picture of a Wombat at home

January 7, 2008


Ben Phillips, a mate of mine in Australia sent me this great picture of a Wombat which he saw when he was camping near Goulburn (NSW) over Xmas.

The Mammal Watching Blog

January 4, 2008

In 2005 I set up to provide information on where and how to see the world’s 5,000 or so mammals in the wild. I’ve started this accompanying blog to share some of the information that comes my way  – often via those who look at the website – that doesn’t fit so neatly onto my site.  Ok, so I’ll probably also use it to talk crap, spout my inconsequential and uninformed opinions, and vent about life in France, various airlines and, of course, Air France in particular …. but that’s what blogs are for. I’ll try to focus on mammals.

I hope others will start posting material here so that it becomes more like a listserver group than just me and my monoblogue.  It could  become a platform for people to share trip reports, requests for information, photos and anything else related to mammals and mammal watching. If you want to contribute posts then just drop me an email on and I’ll send you an invitation to become an author. You’ll be posting quicker than you can say “Air France lost my luggage and are doing bugger all about it”.