Bouvier’s Red Colobus Rediscovered

Posted March 6, 2015 by geomalia
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New Trip Report – Belarus

Posted March 6, 2015 by Jon Hall
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Jan Kelchtermans, from Europe’s Big 5, has just finished a tour in Belarus. Surprisingly this is only the second Belarussian report on (the other is mine from 2006).

Belarus, 2015: Europe’s Big 5, 9 days primarily looking for Lynx. They just missed the cat but did see 10 species including Wolf, Polecat, Beaver and Bison.

Have a good weekend


Mystery mouse

Posted March 5, 2015 by vdinets
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Here’s a little mouse hand-caught in Lake Abiata-Shala Nat’l Park, Ethiopia, on 1 March 2009. All that time I thought I knew the species, but now I have doubts. It was an adult male with very soft fir; the habitat was dry savanna at the flat bottom of Rift Valley.
Any opinions?
Vladimir Dinets

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New (epic) Trip Report – Nicaragua

Posted March 4, 2015 by Jon Hall
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Fiona Reid has just sent me one of the most prolifically diverse trip reports I’ve ever seen. Oh how I wish I’d gone on this 2 week trip to Nicaragua last month. To add insult to my injury, one of her group – Mike Richardson – stayed on for 3 more days and saw even more. Not only was this a diverse trip, but a lot of the animals are hard to see: more than a quarter of these species would have been new for me, despite several visits to Central America.

Nicaragua, 2015: Fiona Reid, 14 days and an exceptional 87 species with a ton of cool bats including Spectral Bat and Wrinkle-faced Bat, Jaguarundi, Zeledon’s Mouse Opposum and much much more. An incredible 2 weeks. Not satisfied with the 87 species, Mike Richardson extended his tour for 3 days and saw 25 species, another 5 or 6 of which were new for the tour including Woolly Funnel-eared and Big-crested Mastiff Bats.

Holy biodiversity!

I am sure Fiona will be organising more tours to Nicaragua next year, and she can also help set up custom trips with Jose Gabriel, her wonderful co-leader. Contact Fiona for more information. I might see you there! Very highly recommended.


Stoat-carrying woodpeckeer: is it fake?

Posted March 3, 2015 by heavenlyjane
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Newest meme:

Is this fake? I don’t believe a stoat is so small relative to a woodpecker. Talk amoungst yourselves…

– Heavenlyjane

Tracking the Ermine

Posted March 2, 2015 by Jon Hall
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Jon Hall:

A nice post on looking for Short-tailed Weasels (aka Stoats or Emrine) in Colorado.

Originally posted on Crittering:

The short-tailed weasel (Mustela erminea) is Colorado’s smallest native carnivore.  In summer, this diminutive weasel sports a chocolate brown coat with a light underbelly.  In winter, it transforms to pure white except for a black tipped tail. In this white phase, the short-tailed weasel is often referred to as an ermine.

Long-tailed Weasel A long-tailed weasel in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I have now photographed 56 species of the 70 species in my Colorado Mammals Project.  Of the 14 species that remain, ten are incredibly rare, if they even exist in Colorado at all.  The other four include the recently reintroduced Canada lynx, the Virginia opossum (our only marsupial), the invasive feral pig, and the short-tailed weasel (a.k.a. ermine).  It is the winter white ermine that I have set my sights on this winter and hope to photograph next.

Despite its tiny size, the short-tailed weasel is a formidable hunter and…

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New Trip Report – Australia

Posted February 28, 2015 by Jon Hall
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A new report from southern Australia

Tasmania, Victoria & South Australia, 2014: Juan Luis Ortega, 2.5 weeks & 28 species including Tiger Quoll, Broad-toothed Rat and Giles’ Planigale.



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